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4 easy ways to style a white t-shirt and look insanely cool

White t-shirts are the most All-American, age-old, and dependable piece of clothing. There is something nostalgic about popping one over your head, but that doesn’t keep you from looking really current, too. Since we’re all about a simple, hard-working closet, white t-shirts are a staple for us. We’ve found four of the very best ways to wear your t-shirt this fall. We love it with a white t-shirt, but you could also throw a grey t-shirt on instead. Before we…

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5 things to read when you're stressed out-header
self care, Wellness

5 Books to Read When You’re Stressed Out

Here’s the deal. We ALL have hard days. When I have a hard day, my brain looks like this: “Meh, what’s going on with me today? I’d love to just crawl back under the covers. Wonder what’s going on on Instagram. Do I have to do anything today? I don’t want to take a shower, blech, getting wet sounds horrible. Yuck, my hair looks awful. What could I do to make it look better? I’ll get on Pinterest to see. I’m…

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7 simple ways to have high energy all day long
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7 Crazy Simple Ways to Have High Energy All Day Long

Before we try and solve our own energy crisis that is going on, let’s start by saying that us Tiny Twiggers do not support the “all or nothing” method is having enough energy to get through all your day. Eating “healthy” doesn’t mean eating only healthy. Being well is a process and it’s not going to happen overnight. Sure, organic eating is great thing but pressuring your self to always and only eating organic, fresh, GMO free is going to…

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#IWorkFor New Ideas

How I Started Multi-Careering I am excellent, excellent starter. I’m the person you want at the genesis of your project. I’ll ra-ra enough that I can get even the most grumpy person excited. But, I’m only now learning to manage projects well in the middle and I’m always learning how to finish well. When I left college, I was already a few months pregnant and puking my guts out every day. We moved across the country and I had Noah…

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