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november goals

Every month I set just a few goals that will enrich my life. They’re not super rigid and they’re certainly not a…

best mascara ever

left eye with Younique mascara and right eye with my normal L’Oreal Voluminous Now, here’s the deal. I promise not to promote…

Goals for October

Can you believe it? It’s October, which means there is a chill in the air and I want to layer eight pairs…


Getting kid art ready to hang for tomorrow's tiny @WildlyCo photoshoot. There is something about the art of children that is just crazy inspiring, unfettered, and hopeful.
Just finished this gem of a book. Well done, Sara! So encouraging, so beautiful, so lovely. @everybitterthingissweet
My little Thanksgiving grocery helpers. I wish every week had a holiday!! ❤️❤️
It's almost that time. But first, Thanksgiving with so many of my people!
Hiiiiii!!! I'm back from the depths of the flu, but still looking very rough. 😜😜 So, you get this pretty pic @saraackermann took of @mpmorgan and me! It's #fridayintroductions time again! Every week @jessaconnoly and I use this time to solve that problem of "why am I following that person again?!". We just say a bit about ourselves, answer a fun question , and invite y'all to do the same. I'm Hayley. I'm the creator behind the ethical kids' brand @WildlyCo and I co-founded @influencenet! I have 4 little boys who I adore, and spend much of my time refereeing their fun. 😜😜 This weeks question is, what's the weather outside right now? Where I live in Indiana, it's chilly but super sunny with crazy clear blue skies. It's my best kind of day if it has to be cold. 👍👍 How about you? Either answer below or in your own feed with the #fridayintroductions tag! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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