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the one “enough”

I am a millennial, one of the older ones. I remember a time before home computers, but just barely. I remember the…

2014 Gifts!

Every previous year I’ve done gift guides. I love putting them together, because I love things. I think things are beautiful. I love…


We know beauty when we see it. Beauty will stop us dead in our tracks, if we have eye to see it. I'm crazy grateful to have spent these last few days with such amazing women. They are not fancy, they are not big...they are very small with a very big God. Excited to get home to these boys!!!
Let your heart be light. Let the weary world rejoice. There was a baby boy who came and changed the world in a lowly and dirty barn.
Our Friends Christmas Card! Join us NOW for the Christmas Live Stream with @laracasey @nancyray @jessaconnolly @cheyenneschultz @carriegraceshop @intentionalhome @katelynjames 🎄🎄🎄 (Link in profile!!)
This has been an AMAZING time with like-hearted women. We're spurring each other on, cheering on, and holding each other's sorrows. We'd LOVE to encourage YOU, too. Join us online tonight for our Christmas themed livestream to benefit Operation Baby Rescue! Donate ( then register (! Please only join us if you make a donation, even if it's just $1. 💰👶❤️ With: @laracasey @nancyray @jessaconnolly @cheyenneschultz @carriegraceshop @katelynjames @karenstott
My life does not suck. Enjoying breakfast at the Fearrington Inn with some dear friends! ❤️❤️❤️


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