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a creative frenzy

It’s interesting. I’m producing more than I ever have in my life. Somehow April and May 2015 have turned into the most…

March Goals

Wow, February sure is a short month. I feel like it’s my deep and dark pit of winter month. It takes a…

saving me in February!

I thought it would be fun to link up with a couple of my friends in sort of an “old-fashioned” kind of…

goals with grace-FEB

A look back at the goals I set for January, and a quick assessment on how I managed. My big goals for…


Eli and I say hi! 👋👋👋👋 Time for #fridayintroductions! Every week @jessaconnolly and I invite you to share a little bit about yourself and answer a fun question. Anyway! I'm Hayley, this is Eli (my youngest of 4 boys) and he's loving the last of the Easter candy. I run @influencenet with a really fun group of women and we just launched a new site yesterday!! I also work with my husband on the kids clothing line @WildlyCo. The question this week is: how do you like your coffee? I like mine plain and simple black, not too hot. How about you?? Do you even LIKE coffee? :)
There are some things that never end. Chief among them: laundry. Read also: bills, Cooper's elaborate stories, and dishes. #momlife
"April is the cruelest month, T.S. Eliot wrote, by which I think he meant (among other things) that springtime makes people crazy. We expect too much, the world burgeons with promises it can't keep, all passion is really a setup, and we're doomed to get our hearts broken yet again. I agree, and would further add: Who cares? Every spring I go out there anyway, around the bend, unconditionally. ... Come the end of the dark days, I am more than joyful. I'm nuts." --Barbara Kingsolver from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
We've been working for MONTHS to make the member experience better for The Influence Network. It's been my JOY to work to make it all flow more smoothly, work more seamlessly, and allow you to connect with each other more easily. My favorite parts of the new site are: 🔸easy login where you don't have to login again and again!! 🔸you have a member account where all your downloads live forever🔸you can tag people and be instantly notified when others are tagging you!🔸the AMAZING member directory so you can connect with women from all over This group of women, many more than a thousand, is ready and excited for you to join them. I wrote all about WHY you should over on Tiny Twig ((link in profile))
There is a lot of beauty and comfort in a small and quiet life. My grandparents' house is so very comforting to me. It's still and not much changes from day to day. It's the opposite of frazzled and frantic. It has wide open spaces and tons of light. I love to watch my boys soak in the joy of the margin they've built.


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