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trading in our cards

A Letter From Mike and Hayley: Friends! More than two years ago, Hayley co-founded The Influence Conference (and later Network) with Jessi Connolly….

july goals!

Okay. Every month on the first Monday of the month, I do a linkup called Goals With Grace. So, it’s obvious I’m…


Taking a deep breath and thinking of all the encouragement and high fives we got yesterday with this announcement from @mpmorgan and me on Tiny Twig. We are, as a family, trading in something really great for something that is a risk and an adventure. I'm excited and grateful! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, there is a link in my profile. ☺️
Missing my 4 bugs tonight...but excited that they are excited and interested in what I'm doing out here in NC. LOVED talking with and praying for them tonight. They (well, Noah and Coop anyway!) already love and feel ownership in @WildlyCo!
I took a 3D art class in college and my prof had one criticism of me (of many, but this one sticks out). She told me that my work was not art, but craft. I got bright red cheeks and changed my major as soon as I could (I think I had 5 when all was said and done...surprise surprise). But, as I've grown, I've made peace with it. I DO appreciate craft, because it speaks of industry and ingenuity and usefulness. It feels sturdy and everyday. Craft also makes me hopeful that I can grow in it, making it more beautiful and precise over time. But, where does beautifully honed craft (writing, cooking, child-raising...) end and art lived out begin?
Channeling my Grammers, the boho art teacher, today in my AMAZING @beautifulandbeloved kimono. I always feel brave and creative when I I pile on my jewelry and think of her! Busy at work on the @WildlyCo fall capsule--follow my fun over there this week. :)
I've made it to the temporary @wildlyco HQ (my little hotel room), but I have to say I'm both dubious of and thankful for technology today. Reason I'm dubious: relying unswervingly, unquestioningly on my GPS made an 8hr trip into a 10hr (exceptionally beautiful) trip. Reason I'm thankful: how would I have EVER navigated my way out of rural Appalachia if not for it?? PS--thank you (thank you!!!) for all the birthday well wishes! It was one for the books!


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