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Which Way to Run?

I feel like I’m at a little bit of a crossroads.Β  I’m not sure if it’s anΒ actual crossroads or just a mental…


Well. It's official. I'm becoming a crazy-plant lady. My kids got seeds and terra cotta pots in their Easter baskets. New Life, indeed. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
Well, y'all. This is real life. One of my January goals was to get our mantel re-put-up after Christmas. We're pushing May now, right?? I'm still working on it. Mike thinks the ivy is a little oppressive here, but I kind of like it for the boho edge. It's the weekend, and I hope you have the greatest one! I hope it's full of peace and great joy. Happy Easter weekend. xoxo.
Time for #FridayIntroductions with @naptimediaries and me! We do this because it can be so easy to forget the stories of the people you follow on Insta. Plus, if you check out the #fridayintroductions hashtag, there are so many fun people to follow. Will you join in? So, I'm Hayley--I have 4 boys and have a business mind with a ministry heart. So, I co-founded @InfluenceNet and just started @WildlyCo with my husband Mike. This week's question is: what's your birth order and how does it affect the way you operate? Well, I'm an obvious firstborn and it shows. I was called bossy by my parents all growing up, and I think I tested my management skills on my little brothers. Today, I think it gives me the confidence to be a momma and lead my boys well.
Have you always wanted to live in the sweet South? Well, I have a darling house in the Charlotte area you can buy! This was our first house and we watched excitedly with a tiny baby Noah as each new wall went up! We are selling it and we'd LOVE for you to live there! It's 3 bedroom/2.5 Bath--and 100% cute. Have any friends looking for a house in the Charlotte area, I'd be so grateful if you'd tag them. Houses are moving quickly in this neighborhood--so I wanted to give y'all a heads up before it hits the MLS on Monday!
I love a girl (@thenester) who hashtags her packages. So excited to see the magic Myquillyn has made with this book! #idhtbptbb


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