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If You Have These 3 Money Issues Figured Out, You’re Golden

More money, more problems, am I right?! It might just be the truth. As we merge into adulthood, we have to learn to manage our money. Early adulthood can cause our minds and stress levels to go into overdrive, especially when it comes to money. Student debt, buying your first car and/or place to live, that one time you “accidentally” used a credit, the list goes on and on. But guess what? We have been there. We are there now…

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The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Planner

We take planners VERY serious over here at The Tiny Twig. We know how important staying organized can be and we do not take that matter lightly. There is some serious truth to the importance of having a planner that you can look at and feel like you can get a grip on your month, week, or day. These 4 options are tried and true and work for many people depending on what your style is. 1.  The Day Designer®…

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5 things to read when you're stressed out-header
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5 Books to Read When You’re Stressed Out

Here’s the deal. We ALL have hard days. When I have a hard day, my brain looks like this: “Meh, what’s going on with me today? I’d love to just crawl back under the covers. Wonder what’s going on on Instagram. Do I have to do anything today? I don’t want to take a shower, blech, getting wet sounds horrible. Yuck, my hair looks awful. What could I do to make it look better? I’ll get on Pinterest to see. I’m…

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7 simple ways to have high energy all day long
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7 Crazy Simple Ways to Have High Energy All Day Long

Before we try and solve our own energy crisis that is going on, let’s start by saying that us Tiny Twiggers do not support the “all or nothing” method is having enough energy to get through all your day. Eating “healthy” doesn’t mean eating only healthy. Being well is a process and it’s not going to happen overnight. Sure, organic eating is great thing but pressuring your self to always and only eating organic, fresh, GMO free is going to…

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