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trading in our cards

A Letter From Mike and Hayley: Friends! More than two years ago,ย Hayley co-founded The Influence Conference (and later Network) with Jessi Connolly….

3 Ways to Guarantee Burnout

1.ย Embrace Pride. Think you are absolutely essential. Think you need to be everything to everyone. Think you have the ability to actually…

july goals!

Okay. Every month on the first Monday of the month, I do a linkup called Goals With Grace. So, it’s obvious I’m…


Life is rough, y'all. Goals for my week: read The Goldfinch and sleep a whole lot. Gearing up for a wild @wildlyco week next week. Eeeep!
We got word that a man @mpmorgan went to high school with Dr. Kent Brantly has come down with Ebola while treating patients in the relief work Samaritans Purse is doing in Liberia. He's 33 with a wife and 2 young kiddos. Ebola is fatal 60-90% of the time--and just 3 this article was in the New York Times (before Kent was sick). If you have a second to spare, would you pray for Kent and his family?
We must be heading to the lake! I can only imagine this pile will get bigger as their clothes get bigger. Right now we can fit 2 kids to a tote--how will it all fit in our little van when we can't?! :) :)
What is your very most favorite memoir? Novel? I'm headed on vacation next week and need some good writing to soak up. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
This is the most ridiculous picture in America. Indeed. Time again for #FridayIntroductions with @naptimediaries and me. :) its your time to day hi and join in our fun little group and find new, fun people to follow. To recap: I'm Hayley and my husband @mpmorgan just left his big kid corporate gig to give our fledgling business @wildlyco a go! We have 4 little boys who are our wild ones. Our question this week is: What is your favorite summer childhood memory? Off the top of my head, I love memories of going on random road trips with my family. We did a lot of canoe trips, weekend trips to historical places, and just quirky fun destinations like caves and waterfalls. It was a super fun way to get out of town in a way that, I imagine, didn't blow a hole in my parents' wallet. :)


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