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best mascara ever

left eye with Younique mascara and right eye with my normal L’Oreal Voluminous Now, here’s the deal. I promise not to promote…

Goals for October

Can you believe it? It’s October, which means there is a chill in the air and I want to layer eight pairs…

influence 2014 recap

So, the Influence Conference has come and gone again this year. I have to say, this year was different than the previous…


Having 4 boys makes Halloween super fun. All kinds of ways to dress them up. We're off for a much, much needed #analogweekend--going to go live quiet and small and deep and well. 👍👍 love to you and yours.
Well, today was a terrible day for trick-or-treating in our neck of the woods. Sleeting and super wet snow. But! It's #fridayintroductions with @jessaconnolly and me! We invented this silly fun hashtag to solve the problem of wondering who the heck you're following and why. I'm Hayley: momma to 4 crazy boys and generally a busy body lady. 🎃👻🎃👻 Question for the day: what's one random, wild fact about you? I have 3 brothers AND 3 sons! My life is full of crazy boys.
Being crazy kind and extra generous is kind of our heartbeat. I have long loved She Does Justice for their shared desire. I'm over on the @sdjboutique insta-feed today sharing my favorite fall pattern and my favorite get-ready-fast tips. 👍👍 Go follow this biz that does a LOT of good.
I have 4 really fun follows for you today!! @comfycozycouture @amylouhawthorne @thevanillatulip and @the36thavenue are so beautiful, encouraging, and fun! #followfriday ((tap for links!))
I think this is going to become Sunday morning tradition. This wall is right outside the church door and if I scurry them real fast, I can get an all-the-boys picture with minor fuss or push-back. 🎉🎉🎉🎉


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