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81 percent

We are INCREDIBLY grateful to be 81% funded with 16 days to go! Can you believe it? But, with this crazy awesome…

heart of wildly co

This has been a hard month in the news, Iraq and ISIS, Robin Williams, and Ferguson. The world is not an easy…

ben arment’s dream year

Last night, we had so much funΒ attending the Indy Dream Year Pitch Night–a night celebrating dreamers and also celebrating author Ben Arment…

dream year Indy

Tonight is the night we’ve been planning for and waiting for! We’ll be going in front of a crowd of people to…


Asher is a joy. Spent time talking with @soulyfit this morning about his rough entrance into the world...and I just never ever stop giving thanks for him. Ever. So grateful to have him here. 😊
$640 more for the @wildlyco #kickstarter until we release the GIRL capsule sketches and the stretch goal we need to hit to make it happen. Your card isn't charged until the project ends Sept 5--only IF we reach 100% funded! We'd be SO grateful if you backed us! :) ((link in my Insta profile!!)) ALSO--these are our sample tags, details, etc. :)
By Thursdays, I'm always toast. So, today I'm grateful for a stormy day in regular ole suburbia, where the trash gets taken for us every Thursday, where my fridge is full from the grocery, and where my kids are safely tucked in at our neighborhood public school. It's nice to be reminded that we, in fact, do NOT need to keep the world spinning. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Some days everything is running on all cylinders. Others...well, other days are like today has been. πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ It's time to pull out the old "second day" trick. Whoosh! Is it bedtime yet?? :)
A look into my bag (which is a @lilyjadeco). It's a mess--and honestly, this is not an anomaly! I've good reading material for all of life's moments of waiting. These 3 from @lysaterkeurst @anniefdowns and @elysefitz are doing a number on me right now. ((Also, my little @wildlyco #kickstarter update--we're at $15,125!! Link is in my profile if you want to join in!!!))


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