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Hey there!  I’m Hayley, aka the Tiny Twig, it’s so great to see you here.  I thought you might want to read about what this blog is all about.  I hope it’s an encouraging place for you to land today.  I’m all about inspiring women to create lives of more passion and less fuss.  I blog about having more passion, simplifying by being less fussy, and also little bits of my life (including my sweet family).  I have a the greatest team of creative women who write amazing and inspiring biographies of passionate women.

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These are some popular posts from Tiny Twig…I Don’t Do It All, 100 Golden No’s, 7 Secrets for Making Real Life Friends Online, and Make Room for What You Value.  After a lot of thought, this is how the Tiny Twig community does comments.

I wrote a book to help you with the daily question of “What do I wear?!”.  The wisdom in the book has helped hundreds of women get dressed with more confidence and less fess.

You can also find me writing and engaging at The Creative Mama.  I tweet about faith, creativity, motherhood, and life management @thetinytwig.