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why i love sports

I love sports.  Let it be known.  I LOVE sports.  This hasn’t always been true.  Growing up, I had a father who was disillusioned by the Baseball Strike of 1994 and who preferred more alternative sports like boxing.  However, I grew up in Indiana during a time where the city was positioning itself as the Amateur Sports Capital of the World (if you are interested in the civic-sports strategy of Indianapolis, you can watch “From Naptown to Super City” a…

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going into the holidays

asher, birth asher, 6 months What a privilege it is to witness a life from the first moments.  To bear testimony to the trials and the joys that happen each day is to really experience life in its full breadth.  You don’t even have to be a parent, but a teacher, a sibling, an aunt, a doctor, a coach. We are in the season of birthdays and holidays around the Twig House.  It is always in this season that I…

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