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the most genius diaper bag

GIVEAWAY ADDED TO THE END OF THIS POST!!! ENDS 4/24 AT 11:59 PM!  Okay, I have NEVER been a fan of diaper bags. I’m not going to waste your time on vanity shots of the Lily Jade diaper bag. So many other amazing fashion bloggers have documented it’s good looks. It’s CUTE. It’s a beautiful bag. It’s HIGH QUALITY leather. It’s super versatile. And gosh, just CUTE. But, you know me. All about practicality…as long as it’s cute. I want to talk about…

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Kid's Stuff, less fuss

how to care for lots of kids

We now find ourselves firmly entrenched in the “larger family” camp. Just a few generations ago having a family of 4 children would be considered on the smaller side, not necessitating sideways glances and constant exclamations of “you’ve got your hands full”. But, in our hurried and harried culture, I understand, 4 kids can seem like an awful lot. An awful lot of running around, an awful lot of mouths to feed, an awful lot of doctors visits, an awful…

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crafting, Kid's Stuff, less fuss

art with kids: more confidence & less mess

First off, art with kids doesn’t have to be a house-wrecking anxiety-inducing hours-long affair.  You choose the boundaries.  Here’s what I do. 1.  You are the boss.  This is the VERY most important piece of advice I can give you.  Children prefer boundaries and limitations–it makes them feel safer and therefore more creative.  Make all decisions with this in mind.  You want to do art time with them more often, so that means you have to make it more enjoyable…

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Kid's Stuff, less fuss

kid’s art–how not to lose your mind

In my Instagram feed, you’ll likely see a couple images of a creative mess each week.  We make a LOT of creative messes.  However, because they happen so frequently, I’ve learned some really key ways to keep from losing your mind or control of your house! I’ve heard from women of all kinds that allowing their kids to make creative messes is one of the most challenging parts of motherhood.  And like many things that are hard for us as…

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