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30 weeks pregnant with baby boy4. love, love, love my best friend. juicy breakfast. blessed end to a long day.

There is nothing more lovely than looking at life in retrospect. What is sometimes hard in the moment often looks rosier in the distant (or not so distant) past. The edges seem smoother, the voices seem softer, the words ring true, and the memories are sweet.

I may have reached the “crazy point” of pregnancy. If you’ve been pregnant and made it to those end days…you may well know exactly what I am talking about. There is no reasoning with the “crazy”, and there is no trying to make it not so. Mike kind of laughs and kind of groans when I get to this point. He has no problem poking fun at my heightened state of NUTS because he says I won’t remember it like this anyway. Mike always says that I’ll look back on these moments and not remember the aches or the jabs to the ribs–but the sweet anticipation of a new little boy, the waiting to see him for the first time, the wondering how we will meet him.

And that’s probably true. If what I know to be true about hindsight remains, then each moment will seem a bit less sharp and immediate than it does now. So, I can also only hope that the sweet also seems sweeter–even if not as clear.


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  • Reply November 19, 2012


    Love this reminder of pregnancy! You are so right… I don’t remember any of the negatives!

  • Reply November 19, 2012

    Lauren Casper

    I never made it to the typical “end” of both my pregnancies as my babies just went from my womb straight to heaven. BUT I have made it to the end of two adoptions and it’s kinda the same thing. You get to a crazy point and there’s just no turning back until that baby is home! haha The nesting kicks in and the nearly psychotic drive to get everything done and then when everything is done it’s even worse because you’ve got nothing to do but wait. Oh yea.. I know about the crazy! ;)

    I love what you said about things always looking better in hindsight. So very true. :)

  • Reply November 19, 2012


    I hope my husband forgets this stage of my pregnancies- because that’s when I turn into a real brat. I moan a lot about how uncomfortable I am and try to keep the whining minimal– but I’m not very good at it. :)

  • Reply November 21, 2012


    You look lovely! I know I was pretty uncomfortable the last few months of pregnancy. Ok. Miserable. But that’s not what I remember when I look back on my pregnancy. I just remember being in awe of the miracle growing inside me, and the excitement of what was to come.

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