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Recently, I met up with an old friend.  She asked about my blog, and sheepishly admitted she doesn’t really “do the Internet thing”.  She had no earthly idea about the vast web of women who connect and share online.  And, my first reaction was envy.

I love Tiny Twig, the opportunities it has afforded me, and the women I’ve met through this humble blog.  BUT, but…being in “blog world” is like living in two realities.  One is your real reality…the only with flesh and bones and meals to cook and people to care for.  The other is a hyper-paced, stream of information, flood of relationships, and never-ever-ever sleeps.  How do you stay in a reality that never takes a breath?  How do you keep up when the information never stops?

This is a real life question I am dealing with right now.  I long for Tiny Twig to be an innovative place online.  I want to be a woman who is leading the way in this brave new world.  I don’t want to do what’s always been done and assume that is the only way.  I want to be part of a generation of women who reap the blessings of online life, but shy away from the detrimental aspects.  I think that’s what we’re hoping to aim for in the Influence community.

I’m really thinking and praying on how this can be.  How can we be part of the online landscape without being swallowed up by it?  How can we be in the conversation but not consumed by it?  I think you’re probably wrestling with the same things, am I right?

All that said, these are my favorite “breaths of fresh air” or “rest stops” on the Information Super-Highway.  These are the places I always go when I need a restful break from the crazy of all the shouting voices.  They are women forging their own path, using their own voices–and NOT following all of the latest prescriptive advice on “how to have the best, most-read, biggest blog in the world”.

Chatting at the Sky

Nesting Place

Naptime Diaries

Handmade Recess

What are your favorite places to frequent when you need a break from all the noise?


  • Reply July 11, 2012

    Janae @ Bring-Joy

    Oh goodness. Thank you for this. I completely agree with you. A little envious of those that are unplugged from all the technology. I can’t even imagine.

    I’ve never thought of having a “rest stop,” but I think it’s a great idea.

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    Naptime Diaries. Always. Even when I’m mad at God and even when I haven’t been to church in months, Naptime Diaries.

  • Reply July 11, 2012

    Missy G.

    Excellent and thought-provoking post. I’m not even a blogger, but I could definitely identify with your comments. For what it’s worth, Tiny Twig is definitely that “breath of fresh air” for me, and your blog is one of the first that I check in my reader when you have a new post. So, I personally think that you’re doing good in this big ol’ wide world web, and can’t wait to hear how successful the Influence conference will be for everyone who attends.

    Two other bloggers that make me stop and thing and slow down are Jules at and Megan at (Even if you’re not military, Megan writes some really great posts that hit home.)

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    There are multitudinous issues with online I agree but on the upside my life has been immensely blessed by your work, Emily’s and Jessi’s and I’m eternally grateful. X

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    if the hypothesis was that absence makes the heart grow fonder then my friendship with you would be the proof.

    i wish we were live and in person right now. i’d tell you that just this morning i prayed that God would help me bring my restlessness to Him instead of band-aiding it.

    love you, friend (and for your kind words here? thank you.).

  • Reply July 11, 2012


    it seems my rest stops are similar to yours…so, we should bump into each other more often, right? :) sending love your way & giving you permission to linger at the rest stops a little bit longer when you need it.

  • Reply July 12, 2012

    The Nester

    one of the biggest compliments EVER.
    thank you, sweet friend, what an amazing group of women to be a part of.


  • Reply July 12, 2012


    Oh what a fun and encouraging post. Love this Hayley. And Love your stops…they are so inviting!


  • Just even the colors on your blog site make me happy! And I love Jennifer at studiojru, hopeink, givinguponperfect, myhomesweethome, sarahmarkley,… To name a few! And many from your list as well.

    Loved this post. I think about these things lots.

  • Reply July 14, 2012


    Pleasantview Schoolhouse…..lovely pictures….witty, loving one or two liners for a post.

  • Reply July 18, 2012

    Grace (My Spare Oom)

    I love coming here, Hayley! I always look forward to the color and inspiration and cheer I get from this lovely blog. Fabulous links, btw! Already love Jessi’s, Nester’s, and Emily’s!

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