what if it’s been said?


Most often in life, there is a moment when we feel like we just might have something to say.  It is a whisper, a realization, a small dream you dared to conjure up, a seed planted deep inside.  The ways we go about having our say look as different as our individual genetic makeup.

Some people have their say by voting a particular way or for a particular thing.  Some people have their say by nursing the sick back to health.  Some people have their say by writing music so heartbreakingly beautiful it haunts.  And some people, they have their say by telling tales and wrangling words to the page.

What happens when you feel like what you have to say has already been said?  Maybe you know that it’s been said, and someone already said it better than you think you possibly could.

There have been words I’ve read that so accurately describe a lifelong feeling I thought was only mine.  This is the reason writers write, I think.  The reason they keep putting pen to page, keep tapping on the keys, turning sentences into pages.  We write to make others feel not alone.  But, while it’s beautiful to read words and feel solidarity, it can also be disheartening when you begin to realize there is not a single new thought on all the Earth.

This is true, of course.  The human condition is universal.  We all share the same realities, that our days are waning from our very first breath.  That we’ll grow bigger and stronger before we start growing weaker and less independent.  We’ll encounter joy and sorrow in spades.

The thing that makes a story worth reading and a story worth telling is perspective.  And, know this when you’re feeling discouraged, no one on Earth shares your exact perspective.  No one.

So tell your story, share your thoughts, have your say.  The world needs you to have your say, because it makes others know they are not alone.  Have your say, even if it feels like it’s been said before.  Most likely someone needs a remember, a fresh take, and pat on the back or kick in the rear.


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    Janae @ Bring-Joy

    I appreciate these thoughts, because I have often felt like–so what if I don’t say anything? I have nothing new to offer the world. If I don’t say it, or do it, someone else will. I’ve realized this is hogwash. The world doesn’t work via the masses. Life is about individual to individual. It’s about personal, one on one contact, & what I have to say, the way I say it, may be just the right way, timing, etc. for some one else.

    That’s not say I don’t have days of discouragement, thinking, what do I have new to offer the world? But I’ve realized that it’s not about reinventing the wheel, but rather speaking authentically, using my own voice, & helping others along the way.

    Thanks for your beautiful thoughts.

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    Susie Davis

    So true ~ no original thought. But never a reason not to share.
    Love your words today.

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    Oh, you hit it right on the head this morning! “This is the reason writers write, I think. The reason they keep putting pen to page, keep tapping on the keys, turning sentences into pages. We write to make others feel not alone.” yes, yes, yes.
    Maybe, just maybe we can write/say something in a way that hits home with someone. Maybe that can inspire THEM to share their story, or come to terms with something that’s been rooted deep within. That’s what makes it worth it! Just like the way your post this morning touched ME, & many other women– of course we all can feel that way sometimes, but YOU brought it to light, & YOU said it in a way that nobody else will be able to– because it’s from YOUR heart & YOUR soul.

    You’re just delightful! Have a great weekend,

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    lady- these words, YOUR words- they are comforting and encouraging to me. You’re right- we all need refreshers and boosters and cheerleaders. Sometimes I want so much to cheer everyone on that I think too big and therefore cannot write small enough, then am discouraged because that turns into not knowing what words are best. I think, though, and I must remind myself of this so often, that the best words are the ones that spill out & can’t be helped. Lord help us not to filter the monotony out of our voices because it might be just what another needs to hear.

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    As I just started putting my thoughts into written words again last night, this is perfectly timed encouragement. Thank you!

  • We are a society of remaking…remaking old movies, songs, etc. Often the original is the best version but sometimes, just sometimes the remake surprises us and is better…the new and improved version. Thank you for sharing this thought. I was just telling a friend about a blog posting yesterday that it was literally in my mind but the author wrote it first. It isn’t the same because her experiences are hers and mine are mine. Thanks for the reminder.


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    Hannah King

    Hayley, thank you for these words, really, truly, thank you. I am in this very place of wanting to write but feeling disheartened that I really have nothing new to say, nothing original to offer. So hearing your timely encouragement that everyone’s perspective is what is unique is very helpful. Thank you.

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    Hayley, thanks for these words today. I’m getting ready to launch my own blog and I’ve been struggling with this thought for a few years now: What do I have to say that’s any different than what I’ve read on every other blog? I’ve been praying to overcome this toxic thinking, and God keeps putting great inspiration in front of me. Thanks again for this post, what an encouragement!

    ps–see you at Influence in October! :)

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    Love this!! Your words here brought be out of the shadows (reading and not commenting) to shout a hearty, “AMEN!!”

    You have a gift and we are all so lucky that you choose to share it.

    Thank you thank you thank you for what you do.

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    Nadine S.

    There so much comfort in this. I love it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the thoughts process that my words have little worth. Yet they need to be said. And more so, God’s going to use them for His glory so I might as well write ’em down.

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    Sarah Ronk

    You’re so right! I’ve almost completely stopped blogging this past year b/c I didn’t want to clutter the interwebs with more words since I was sure I had nothing new to share, and I was sure someone else out there could share it, tell it or explain it better that I could… I’m thinking I’m the one that needs the kick in the pants! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Reply July 7, 2012


    Well said, yet again =) Sometimes these questions stop me from writing things, and then I realize that it is my story & I have a different circle of influence. Let alone the fact that it’s almost therapeutic for me ;)

  • What I’m almost certain began as a moment of discouragement in your thoughts developed into rich empowerment for all who share in your thoughts. Thank you for having the courage to open your heart in words.

  • I find I enjoy writing more when I’m not reading too many blogs that are on the topics I tend to write about. I guess it keeps my voice my own and banishes any of those “it’s been said and better” thoughts.

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    Beautifully written post, Hayley!

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    Yep, definitely needed to hear this!! Thanks SO MUCH for posting it.

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    This is exactly what I’ve needed to hear for months. Thank you, Hayley. You are literally a world-changer.

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