easy cheater sangria


Sangria is a summer staple, famous at BBQs, lakehouses, and get-togethers all season long.  Sangria traditionally is wine+fruit/fruit juice.  However, I am not huge on alcohol (my small self has a LOW tolerance), plus, it can get pricey if you are feeding a backyard full (although, cheap wine is certainly available!).

Instead, I like to mix up this drink that maintains the heart of sangria, but cuts the alcohol.  You can always go halfsies and add wine to the tea, if you want your sangria to pack a punch.


*Tazo Passion Tea–this tea has a pungent and fruity taste that will stand up in your punch

*Simply Lemonade–I like to use the Mango blend for an extra flavor

*Leftover Fruit–blended and filtered through a sieve, leave some citrus or tree fruit cut in small pieces

*Wine, if desired


1.  Brew approximately 4 cups of tea.  Steep extra long for added strength.

2.  Fill pitcher with ice, pour equal parts tea and lemonade (and wine, if you please) into pitcher.

3.  Blend any desired fruit, filter through sieve.  Pour juice into pitcher.

4.  Mix thoroughly.  Add any cut fruit, if desired.

Best for:

Family get-togethers, brunches, church pitch-ins, kids baseball games, sipping at the pool.  All summer long.



  • Reply June 26, 2012


    Nice! seems so easy to make and looks fresh.. :)

  • Reply June 26, 2012

    Jessica Sliman

    Sounds yummy! By the way, so excited to listen to your podcast on Simple Mom!

  • Reply June 26, 2012


    That does sound refreshing! I like finding non-alcoholic versions of drinks, it works well for our group of friends. I’m also very excited to listen to your Simple Mom podcast! :)

  • I spent a summer in Spain and then visited again a year later. Loved the sangria. I’ve been thinking of mixing up a non-alcoholic version too, but now I don’t have to come up with the recipe myself. Thanks!

  • Reply June 27, 2012

    liz n.

    Do you use 4 tea bags to make the 4 cups of tea – or just 1 tea bag and 4 cups of water… thanks :-)

  • Yum, love this idea. And loved the podcast! So fun to learn more.

  • Reply July 1, 2012


    I made this drink for a lunch with my parents today. They are both recovering alcoholics, and they loved having the fancy drink instead of the usual iced tea or lemonade. I made the tea extra-strong, used frozen raspberries for the fruit, and then served it with the optional addition of sparkling water. Thank you for this easy, delicious alcohol-free drink recipe!

  • Reply July 1, 2012


    Sounds delicious, I love Tazo teas so I’ll have to give it a try.

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