I don’t normally do a ton of link-ups, just because my posting calendar gets pretty full on its own.  However, I love Lisa-Jo, and my brain needed a little prompt today.  Her 5 Minute Friday link-up encourages you to just write for 5 minutes…no editing, no polishing.  Reminds me of a lot that Anne Lamott (whom I adore) has to say about writing.

This Friday’s prompt is “Perspective”.  If you want to write along, head over to The Gypsy Mama.


Husband to my left, the two older boys to my right.  My loves edging the sides of the kitchen table.  This is my view.

Directly in front of me in the newest member to join our family dinnertime.

For some reason, being a member at the kitchen table solidifies one’s place in the family.  You have a seat.  Your seat.

We all have our assigned seats, assigned not by force but by habit.

I just want you to know, no matter how busy or how crazy our life may get.  You always have a seat at our table, too.  Our dinner table is open, and we’ll gladly make room for you.  Having a seat at our table makes you part of our family.  And while I don’t promise filet mignon or fancy salmon, I can assure you that we’ll go with a little less so that you can share our dinner.  We will all snuggle a little closer than normal so that you can sit at our table.

Sharing what you have and being a little closer than normal is the way of community and family anyway.  You come as you are and you leave filled up.


  • Love this Hayley – so fun that you joined us today. Like me a seat at your table :)

  • Reply May 18, 2012


    I loved this today! I especially liked the thought that when we get a place at the table, it solidifies our position in the family. So true! Even in God’s family. And I love my place at His table. LOVE that picture! One happy camper there!

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  • Reply May 18, 2012


    This photo is too sweet. Love your perspective;)

  • Reply May 18, 2012


    I love this: “Sharing what you have and being a little closer than normal is the way of community and family anyway. You come as you are and you leave filled up.”

    Praying my family always feels filled up when we spend time together!

  • Reply May 19, 2012


    I’m all about some Make Room For…! Making room for community is all up in our family’s face these days. We are already reaping the benefits.

  • Reply May 19, 2012


    Beautiful letter to your little one. I encourage you to make a copy of this and put in a place that he will find one day. What a treasure to be told that you belong and have a place at the table. Just beautiful writing Hayley.

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