who are passionate people?


Who do you perceive to be passionate about what they do?

First 3-5 people off the top of your head…and why.

Ready?  Go!

Wanna know mine?

1.  Oprah.  Because she has spent her whole life spreading the same messages.

2.  Ann Voskamp.  Because you can’t listen to her speak without thinking her life is a living prayer.

3.  Steve Jobs.  Because the man didn’t know how to compromise, for better or worse.

4.  Katie Davis.  Because she takes the call to care for orphans completely seriously.

Your turn.

sources: bono katie davis steve jobs tim tebow ann voskamp oprah


  • Reply April 18, 2012


    I just wanted to say yesterday’s blog really impacted me. My closest family know what I do and why but a lot of people have not held back with their opinions that it’s a waste of my life. I opened up to a Pastor and let’s just say I regretted it a lot which has made me keep things to myself. I’m about to have a chat with an organisation who may be going to help me take some things forwards and I just wrote out the whole passion before we speak. Actually that was very helpful and useful and influenced by you. Thank you! X

    • Reply April 18, 2012

      Tiny Twig

      I’m so sorry that people haven’t been encouraging. I wonder why that is sometimes. Thinking through all of this really makes me be sensitive to my friends, family, and especially children’s passions. People hold what they are jazzed about so close to their heart–and when we make little of those things it can really hurt. Glad you’re finding encouragement–I hope you find it in your “real life”, too! xoxo.

  • Reply April 18, 2012


    Just off the “top” of my tired mommy head:

    1. Tim Tebow – everyone knows who he is passionate about.

    2. Bono – Passion and single minded focus in a tough world to do that in

    3. Agreed – Ann and Oprah

    4. I also think of my oldest daughter. She oozes passion. My tough job as a mom is to help her steer that in the right direction.

    {P.S. Love this question!}

    • Reply April 18, 2012

      Tiny Twig

      I love Tim Tebow. I just think he’s the sweetest thing. And Bono–you are SO right. I think my parents had a hard time knowing when to temper my passion and when to let it fly.

  • Reply April 18, 2012

    jason lynes

    these may not be popular picks but i get really inspired by people who do what they love and are relentless at it:

    1. Kanye West: he often gets so excited that he makes colossal mistakes. Classic hero in my book, and totally flawed.

    2. David Fincher: director, he shoots every scene 100 times to make sure he gets it right. His attention to detail is astounding.

    3. Jonathan Ive: Steve Jobs’ designer, looks at problems from every possible angle, and embraces constraints.

    4. David Carson: graphic designer, he once type set an article in WingBats to illustrate the uselessness of the content. Refused to play by anyone’s rules.

    5. Assorted other musicians: not sure why, I get really inspired by hard working musicians. Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, Jay Z, Robyn, Kaskade, BT, tons more who put their lives into their work. Music is such an intimate experience I guess, and it shows through.

    also i think i need more noble role models!

    • Reply April 19, 2012

      eileen marie

      Your role models are YOUR role models. No need to apologize for your choices.

  • Reply April 20, 2012


    LOVE seeing me some Ann Voskamp over there – right next to Oprah and Bono. Nice! love it!

  • Reply April 20, 2012


    For me the following people came to mind:

    1) Jan Jenkins – A local woman whose young son was found drowned after having left a bar one night. After fighting to have the incident investigated when it was ruled a suicide, she finally managed to have it deemed a homicide and the investigation has been an uphill battle. She also managed to track down a string of these deaths all along the Mississippi in different towns, all that bear the same hallmarks. She’s wrote a book about her experiences and her son, and now she speaks at schools and at bookstores encouraging young people to be mindful of their surroundings and on being safe. She is passionate about her message even in the face of her on going pain. (Sorry that was a long-winded explanation.)

    2) I agree on Oprah

    3) Mother Theresa – It may sound cliche but she is the epitome of grace and mercy to me.

    4) Maya Angelou – Her passion and strength just shines through her writing. I can only dream of writing with such honesty.

  • Reply April 21, 2012


    Off the top of my head?

    Katie Davis (http://www.amazima.org/katiesbook.html)
    Francis Chan (http://www.francischan.org/)
    David Platt (http://www.brookhills.org/new/pastor.html)
    Angie Smith (http://angiesmithonline.com/)

    Each of these people follow the Lord with their whole hearts and it just shines through in their ministries and their lives. I’m so inspired by them!

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