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This week’s Project Life freebie are printable 3×4 (or 4×3) quotes.  They are great for when you don’t have a ton of pictures from the week, but want to have something graphic rather than just words.  These are some of my favorite quotes, and you can find more on my Quotes board on Pinterest.

Click here to download the Week 2 Project Life Printables featured above.

I used the “Crowd Quote” printable in my spread–and I love it.  It just is so true of mothers, of lovers, of friends.  We all seek out those familiar faces.

This is my very first attempt at Project Life, y’all.  It is full of instgram and very little else.  :)  I know to be better about documenting our week next week.  I did journal a little about what January has been like for our family–and I just love seeing the random bits of our life come together.  This seems like a great system–and I’m excited to see how it becomes more “alive” as I get more comfortable with the medium.

There is the printable, which really adds a fun “Pop Art”/Andy Warhol-ish kind of look to it.  I can picture the people in the crowd wearing 3D glasses and watching a movie (but really, they were gathering to watch the results of a 1930s election in New Zealand!).

I am excited to get more creative with my process–but I definitely need to be “collecting memories” more throughout the week.  I need receipts and papers and pictures and little journaled moments.  So fun!

If you love the printables–please Pin them or share them with a friend on Facebook or Twitter.  I would love to build a little Project Life community here on Fridays, so I’d like the scrapbook-y people to know this formally non-scrapbook-y person is alive and blogging.  :)


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    I see that you like Petite Chou! I live north of Indianapolis and that’s one of my favorite places to eat!!

  • Reply January 27, 2012

    Emily @ The Pilot's Wife

    Totally pinning this. So fun! I’m glad you’re doing this project too. I’m loving it so far this year.

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    Hi Haley…I came across your blog last week and bought your e-book (couldn’t have come at a better time, BTW…love it!) and am having fun checking out your posts. Quick question: how do you print your pics? Do you use an online service, or is there a drugstore or something that you prefer? I take a lot of photos with my iPhone and a few with the giant, beautiful Nikon (when time and strength permits!) of my 3 girls. Also, the links from the Project Life 1 aren’t opening for me. ?? I reeeally want to join you on this project life, but am befuddled as to where to begin (not scrapbook-y either!). Many thanks to you!

    • Reply January 30, 2012

      Tiny Twig

      I print at the fastest drugstore. :) When I’m printing big beautiful prints with my camera from my pro photog days I printed at a pro lab. But, when I’m printing small prints (especially ones from my phone, which aren’t exactly amazing quality anyway!) I print cheap and fast. :)

      Google Becky Higgins or search for her on Amazon for great product ideas.

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    eileen marie

    I NEED to get on board with this! Instead of Project Life, I think I would try to finish my wedding scrapbook first -1 page/week. Do you think you’ll do this again next year, Hayley?

    PS: Thank you!

    • Reply January 30, 2012

      Tiny Twig

      we’ll see if i do it next year–we’ll see. i have to do things in managable project-based timeframes. it’s just how i operate. i get overwhelemed if i think too far down the road. :)

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    These are great! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for another fun download. love the quotes.

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    i love these : thanks a lot for sharing ! I posted the link here : and there :

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