Confetti!!  Noisemakers!!  Champagne!!

Happy (almost) New Year!

Now, what to do in 2012?  I am not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions.  They make me feel guilty when I inevitably don’t make them a sticky part of my New Year.  Therefore, this year I am making a list of things to do in 2012.  Just ten.  Not a huge amount, not super hard things.  This is to enhance my life, give it some spark.  NOT fix my life.

There is one thing that I think will be super hard, and that is giving up Diet Mountain Dew.  Sara Sophia knows my love.  She gets my love.  And look at how serene and cool she looks??  Even she loves Diet Mountain Dew.  But, Husband finds my consumption a bit like an addiction–and has asked that I evaluate Diet Mountain Dew’s place in my life.  It’s place in my life?  In my right hand.  That is it’s place.  ;)  However, there are about 14 Million healthier things to drink.  Mostly anything on Earth, probably.  So, I will work to get off the Juice (did you know concentrated orange juice is the #2 ingredient in Diet Mountain Dew??  Rationalizing??).

The other things are for fun and enrichment.  Will you make a list this year?  Do you already know a few things you want to do in 2012, just to make your life a little richer?

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  • Reply December 30, 2011

    Emily @ The Pilot's Wife

    Yeah, I was so surprised when I met SS and found out about her love for Diet Mt Dew. Cracks. Me. UP!

    I’m trying to kick my Dr Pepper habit. :(

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    LOVE this. So similar to what I’ve been thinking of for a couple weeks, although I had big! plans! for 12 things- one for each month. sadly, i could only come up with 5. i think i’ll just stick to them though. better to do only 5 things than to accomplish nothing because of a slight technicality, right? no fuss!

  • Reply December 31, 2011


    I am the same way! I hate resolutions. This year, I decided to set goals and do a goal poster. I set far too many, but some will not take too long to accomplish. If I at least accomplish a few, I’ll be happy. They will post on my blog tomorrow! http://www.sharingcheri.blogspot.com.

    I really like the idea of going on a road trip alone. Boy does that sound nice! The other I like is taking an art class. One of the things on my goal list for the past few years has been to take a photography class. Maybe I’ll add that to my list again this year!

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    I have three little boys too…and used to live in the midwest. Love your beautiful site but can’t add it to my blog reader—feedly.com

    Thought you might want to look into it as many people are using feedly. Here’s the message I copied:
    Internal Information
    failed to get feed information for ‘feed/http://feeds.feedburner.com/%20thetinytwig/ZqSC’ because: 404 — undefined. Hint Google Reader URL: !{google}/reader/api/0/stream/contents/feed%2Fhttp%3A%2F%2Ffeeds.feedburner.com%2F%2520thetinytwig%2FZqSC?r=n&n=40&client=feedly&ck=1326488581005

    Hope it is some help.

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